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I have a distracting hatred of The Today Show. It's a Hatha-hate bitch-eating-crackers anger.
I forget about it until I'm switching channels while eating breakfast and my hackles go up. I just figured I was a snob and remind myself that viewers don't want news. I've ignored it for years, as it seemed harmless yet banal. But having that Covington kid on just put me over the edge, and I've started snarking them on Twitter. #todayshow recently paid $69mil to get rid of a white nationalist and just gave air time to the next generation. Dr Oz is a snake oil salesman, and every damn last one of them is complicit to everything that's wrong with America.

It's so easy to hate them. Yesterday, they posted a Reagan quote about being being good and what is right will prevail. I said kicking vets to the curb was never right.

I'm really upset by this, but I hope it passes, soon.


Oh, I don't think it'll pass. I was just searching my twitter feed for things I've said about the Today, I was complaining about them before Nick Sandemann:

"Dear @todayshow. Why are you having Donald Rumsfeld on your show? Why aren't you asking him why he's not in jail? Disgusting."
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I found a neat tool which estimates how long it takes to read something:

Of course, it assumes people aren't unfocused and dull-witted. I can easily read several pages, meditating on how fast I can read and then have to go back. Or I'll read the same sentence 5-10 times before the comprehension section of my brain starts firing and I can proceed.

Part of this comes from lack of practice, mental distractions ("why am I reading and not doing what I need to do?"), and personal exigencies, Or it may just be my reading choices.

Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim is not a focused book. It has two-three-sometimes-four layers of narration and skips and hops back as often as it ruminates on romanticism. And I catch myself distracted by vocabulary. It's vexing.
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It too cold and dark and everything and everyone are awful. I'm just gonna hibernate until April.
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Dear Amacrians; Please vote. And you know what? Try not to stink it up so much this time
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Growing up, my mother used to tease me that "It must be a Tuesday, because you're always this cranky on a Tuesday" And I'd either say "NO! I'M NOT CRANKY!" or "NO! I'm ALWAYS THIS CRANKY EVERYDAY!" (All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me.)

Now, it's Thursday. I'm always miserable on Thursday. I know this because each week I go, "Ugh! I'm just tired and miserable and just want to go to bed" and then remember that The Good Place is on, so I can't.
But really, it's every day. I'm fun.
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Anyone else wake up dreaming the sound of their phone ringing and the phone is quiet? All that anxiety for nothing: It's maddening.
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Thanks to my unnamed benefactor for 6 months of service, I have user icons again
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In case you haven't heard, recreational weed is legal in Canada tomorrow. I almost wish I kept a paid account so I can add a pot-related icon. Recreational pot can only be purchased via the Ontario Cannabis Store. Which means the "they" will know when you buy it. I wager it won't take long before US Customs gets access to the data. I don't smoke weed, but I'll get banned just for making this post.

A cannabis store popped up right across the street from work. I don't think it was there two weeks ago. In Essex, there's a storefront with a whitewashed plywood sign with a black spray-paint stenciled "Farmacy". They're like mushrooms!

I look forward to the kind of tech calls we'll get. The drunk calls have always been a hoot. But then, it's not like we don't already have customers calling while baked.
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In therapy:

"no, that's not guilt, that's shame" "I don't understand the difference."

In a flash of insight, I realize I actually do not understand the difference. I am completely at a loss. And I feel really bad about it.

I needed distraction. Mindless entertainment.

"I'll watch Big Mouth! Oh look, a new character: David Thewlis is The Shame Wizard! FUCK ME!"
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"Hey. Every time I go to the bank to deposit my paycheque, there's a problem. Either an angry person taking up the line, or the machine is broken"

"Hey. Why don't you just use the app on your phone?"

"Hey. Then I have this cheque kicking around. I just want to know the bank has it and I don't do something dumb."

"Hey. Why doesn't your employer do direct deposit?"

"Hey. Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

porny food

Oct. 2nd, 2018 01:19 pm
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Made madeleines. They're nicely nipply.

too dark madeleines

A little dark, but they look nice with sugar on them.

sugar-coated madeleines

I put up a sign "free madeleines" at work and they were gone before lunchtime.
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I don't know how to console my wife, so I'm just going to annoy her with my inability to toss old clothes. That's sure to help.

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Yay, weekend!
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Fuckity fuck this world sucks. You can't teach compassion. We need to stop giving power to those who lack it.

I hate everyone. Well, some of you are ok.
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I had to get blood work this morning. Went before breakfast because they always ask me if I've fasted and I'm never told I need to fast before hand. Anyway, the blood taker was miserable and busy, but did a good job. I didn't feel it at all and she filled 5 vials in no time. Most of the time, it feels like they use a square needle.

Then, Tim Hortons was too busy to get something to eat on the way to work. So, now I'm hangry. And there's mint Girl Guide cookies on the kitchen table and I am not buying any. Nope! Argh!

Got a demo of the phone alert system last night. EC threw a tornado warning because they considered the storm serious enough to warrant it. After Ottawa last week, people are more alert. Luckily, there was no tornado. TBH, I wouldn't be too upset if a Tornado killed me. It'd spare me having to complete my insurance claim I keep stalling. Y'all would miss me for a day or two. Remember me kindly. I've always loved you.

However, the only thing I will die of today, is starvation, and I might have to go a few more hours for that.

Blood work is to test if the depo has changed anything. I don't feel different. My energy level seems fine. Am I depressed? fuck, yes! I've stopped gaining weight.

Back in my 20's I had to take depo shots. It had a dramatic effect: Felt like I drank a pot of coffee. Oh, and these sudden images of bending random women over to roger them. I know it's a bad time to opine on male sexuality, but there you go.
Women got much prettier and boobs. I remember commenting to a friend "Holy shit! I was a prig as a teen but thought I had a sex drive. I didn't realize what actual puberty lust felt like. Is this how all men feel?" My friend: "Oh, that's not because you're a man. It's because you're French!"

TL;DR, I'm horny and hungry.
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Ever miss your twenties? Talk to a 20-something.

"Steve. It's been a while since I've seen you and I guess you heard I'm dating a woman with a kid. I'm not really into it, but listen to me. She has NFL Network so I can watch any Rams game I want. And I can pause and replay. And she's on assistance and expects me to help her raise my kid. I met her through my cousin who said she wanted something casual. Then the first time I meet her kid, he's in his bedroom screaming and she goes 'I need you to talk to him. I gotta get out of here' and leaves the house! So I offered him some Butterfingers because when I was a kid, a Butterfinger made me feel better. But he just THREW THEM AT ME. So I guess that doesn't work. I'm 26, she's 25 and the kid is 6 and I don't need this. My cousin is in shit with me because she definitely wants someone to help her raise her kid and I shouldn't be in this. But, the NFL season just started. And it's $300 and I think she got the service for me."

"Dude. I'm totally going to blog this."
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In case Americans are wondering what Ontario is complaining about (and to prove I understand it):

The Canadian Constitution's Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted in 1982. It's sort of like the US Bill of Rights, but we can still punch many of those responsible in the nose. It also declares Canada is "founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law". Oh, Lord!

The framers added a notwithstanding clause that allows a Province or Prime Minister to bypass several of the rights and freedoms for up to 5 years.

They did this to get all the provinces to sign. (Narrator: not all the provinces signed)

So 15 times now, various provinces have used this nuclear option to pass legislation deemed unconstitutional. Everyone knows of Quebec's language laws, which never infringes on freedom of speech because they renew the NWC every 5 years.

The latest is our populist Premier who wants to restructure Toronto (by cutting council in half) during the municipal election. Supreme court said it was in violation of the Charter. So even if he can't say "notwithstanding clause", he's going to pass the law including the NWC. And things are getting rowdy in Parliament.
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I'm having recall issues. I hope I'm not forgetting. I mean, there's a lot of shit in there, but it's not coming out at will. For instance, I can't remember that delicious cylinder-shaped mollusc. Not abalone, the other one. I can google it, but that's not the point. My brain won't release it.

I'm not tired, or distracted. Well, I'm always tired and distracted but today isn't notable.


I went crazy and looked it up. Scallops. But now I'm worried because even after I saw the word, it didn't feel right. I was thinking there was an O in there and a D. I dunno, it's really bothering me.

If I ever forget you: remember how much I loved you.
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Oh, fuckity fuck, I'm still obsessing about the past. I hope it'll pass, soon. Here, I joke about anticipating train-wrecks online and you're all witnessing me unglue.

Hey. It was my 20th anniversary last week. Tomorrow is her 60th birthday. This shit gets me thinking.

Anyway, I unwisely peeked at her FB, something I've done only 3-4 times in the past. I was more curious to see if she blocked me. Otherwise, why bother? Oh yeah: "Behind every great woman is ... herself." Eyeroll. Then I want my time and money and pride back, bitch. Happy fucking Birthday.

That "I DID IT ALL MYSELF!" rhetoric started at The End. I thought she was venting about the kids' father. No, she wasn't even thinking of me. At all.

OK, I'm done.
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I think I'm a good person. And I care about people.

And yet, I follow someone on Twitter because I know her schmoopy lovey-dovey love affair is going to firebomb with atomic passion. I don't want it to, but if anything will be "epic", it'll be this. Is that wrong?

BTW, this is in no reference to anyone on LJ or DW. I love you all and would do anything to spare you hurt if I could. My days of following Drama Mamas are over.

I can't be the only one. Do you follow people on Twitter or FB like a rubber-necker at a traffic accident?
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